WP-05 – Applicability in user-oriented operational environment

WP05 will research on the benefits for the long-term performance-oriented operational concepts (e.g. SESAR long-term) of using the real-time ATM performance monitoring framework to identify opportunities to improve system efficiency and better cater for the users’ operational needs. On-line predictions of efficiency indicators may allow Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and Eurocontrol Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU) to have a more accurate understanding of the impact of the selected Demand & Capacity Balancing (DCB) measure on the airspace users’ efficiency objectives.

By taking into account the constraints of the more advanced technologies for the calculation of on-line measurements of the evolution of the efficiency performance metrics, WP04 will assess the performance benefits that could be expected when using the new efficiency indicators for decision-making. WP05 will assess real traffic samples identifying the DCB measures that were applied locally or by the CFMU in a certain period. The user-centric efficiency indicators will be obtained for the flights affected by these DCB measures. These values will be compared with those that could have been obtained if the new efficiency metrics were used as an input to decide the best DCB measure from the perspective of the user.