AURORA has assembled a set of organizations which are leaders in the technical and operational fields required to succeed in the project.

CRIDA A.I.E is a not-for-profit research entity created by ENAIRE (the Spanish Air Traffic Management Services provider) and the Polytechnic University of Madrid. CRIDA’s mission is to improve the efficiency and performance of the Spanish Air Traffic Management (ATM) system through the development of ideas and projects that provide quantifiable solutions. To achieve this goal, CRIDA analyses quantitative and systematically ATM system performance indicators through innovative data processing and analysis techniques, diagnosing problems and identifying their causes.

BOEING RESEACH & TECHNOLOGY EUROPE supports Boeing’s strategic vision of a global ATM system based on a commonly agreed set of standards that allow airspace users to leverage the equipage in their aircraft irrespective of where they are flying. BOEING R&T-E strengthens the Consortium with its wide experience in the areas of air traffic analytics, trajectory prediction and aircraft performance modelling.

CRIDA A.I.E. and BOEING R&T-E began exploring the proposed research area in a collaborative study with a view to overcome the gaps of the current implementation of the Flight Efficiency indicator in Europe. An innovative methodology to assess flight efficiency was proposed and tested based on estimating the differences in fuel burn between actual and user-preferred trajectories. Weather, payload, cost index and aircraft performance were recognized as key factors to be taken into consideration to assess flight efficiency (“A new method to validate Route Extension metric against Fuel Efficiency”, ATM Seminar 2015).

CeADAR is an industry led centre for applied data analytics research created by the University College Dublin. CeADAR performs applied research in the areas of data management, real-time analytics and data-stream processing. CeADAR industry partners include large multi-national companies and small-to-medium Irish companies across a wide range of industries.

Flightradar24 AB tracks positions of aircraft in real-time and turn that data into engaging consumer and business applications. The data comes primarily from a proprietary, crowd-sourced network of 11,000+ so-called ADS-B receivers hosted by private individuals and companies all over the world and tracks in total 150,000+ flights per day. This network of ADS-B receivers is the largest in the world. In addition to ADS-B data, Flightradar24 is able to get positional data for non-ADS-B equipped aircraft through the use of Multilateration (MLAT). The ADS-B and MLAT data is merged with schedule and flight status data from airlines and airports to create a unique flight tracking experience. As AURORA’S Consortium partner, FLIGHTRADAR24 AB provides complete positional aircraft data from real-time flight tracking in order to assess aircrafts’ and airlines’ performances.

AURORA’s Consortium is strengthened with the external participation of the airspace users through workshops to better balance the needs from the users with the Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) perspective.