Second AURORA workshop was carried out last June 21st. Besides the AURORA project partners, the attendants were the representatives of several airlines: Air Europa, Iberia, KLM and Turkish Airlines. The workshop was held in CRIDA’s premises, Madrid.

Prior to the workshop, a document was sent to the representatives of each airline. The intention of this document was two-fold, firstly to introduce the main AURORA’s indicators, in order to help the understanding of the analysis made by AURORA project. Secondly, to evaluate (with a short questionnaire) how each indicator was perceived prior to the analysis of results that took place during the 2nd AURORA’s Airspace Users Workshop.

After a brief description of AURORA´s experiments, the results were splited in 4 blocks: fuel-efficiency indicators, cost-efficiency indicators, equity indicators and vertical-efficiency indicators. An open debate, moderated by the AURORA’s project manager, was performed, by each block of indicators in order to know the point of view of airlines.

Airlines’ feedback was collected (with a new questionnaire) during the meeting aimed to capture the perception of the participants on the added value of each indicator to represent the airspace users’ view on Flight Efficiency and Equity, obtaining essential information to continue with the research project.

Based on the workshop findings, the objectives defined in the deliverable “D3.1. Description of experimental plans” will be analysed and included in the deliverable “D3.2 Report on testing of user-centric air traffic efficiency indicators and local targets”.