First AURORA workshop was carried out last October 17th. Besides the AURORA project partners, the attendants were the representatives of several airlines: Air Europa, Iberia, KLM and Turkish Airlines. The workshop was held in CRIDA’s premises, Madrid.

After a brief description of the project and its objectives, an open debate, moderated by the AURORA’s project manager, was performed in order to know the point of view of airlines in terms of flight efficiency. Previously, a questionnaire was sent to the representatives to establish the topics to be addressed during workshop. Airlines’ feedback was collected during the meeting aimed to define new flight efficiency metrics and indicators which are of interest to airspace users, obtaining essential information to continue with the research project.

Based on the workshop findings, a new indicator’s set will be defined and calculated using the available and provided data, with the purpose of show the results in the next workshop, which will be held on 2017.